Am I a freak because I have absolutely no problem making up a lie like, "Oops I forgot, I have a skype date with my dad in Denmark! You have to go now". » 1/21/13 6:59pm 1/21/13 6:59pm

I'm married to a professor, but luckily for me he's nothing like the dude in your little story. He sounds pretty nasty actually. He seems to have no respect for his wife whatsoever. Why are you attracted to that? Is it that you were impressed that a smart man used you for porn? Sad. » 11/12/12 7:45pm 11/12/12 7:45pm

None are from Hawaii. We also elected the 1st Hindu congressperson, the 1st Buddhist senator, and the 1st Asian American woman senator. Eat your heart out, Mainland! » 11/10/12 6:21pm 11/10/12 6:21pm